Making food fun 4 everyone!

Let us take the work out of entertaining! We can help you host a gathering in your home, office, outdoor venue or any place you wish to entertain. All menu items are prepared fresh and can be served to ensure that your time is spent with your guests and not in the kitchen. You can choose to have the food served by Food4Fun or it can be delivered with instructions on how to prepare the final steps.

The first part of the menu lists several appetizers that can be used for a party or any sized gathering. You may prefer to hire us to deliver the food and set it up decoratively with linens and serving dishes. For example, the crepes can be served and kept warm in silver Chafing Dishes adding to the elegance of your affair. If you wish to avoid the serving and cleaning costs you can make arrangements to return the serving dishes once your gathering is over.

The menu lists options to offer you selections based on anything from a one course to five course sit down dinner. For less then $50 per person you can enjoy a leisurely entrée and enjoy your own wine without the corking fee. If there are requests for dishes not on the menu, or different food pairings, we are happy to accommodate this as well. Menu items will change with the seasons to offer you the freshest selections possible.

We offer free consultation to discuss the best way to organize your event in terms of food and decoration to ensure that you are well prepared in advance of your special occasion.

Food 4Fun (613) 220-6502

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